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  • Aquaponic is a synergistic fusion of hydroponics (growing plants in water) and aquaculture (fish farming). While the fish fertilize the plants with natural nutrients of its waste products, the plants in turn filter the water for the fish.
  • The integration of plants and fish necessitates that NO chemical pesticides be used.It is an eloquent, balanced, organic system.
  • Raising fish and growing vegetables is one activity worth exploring. Enjoy the great taste and advantages of fresh, natural and healthy food. You will help reduce worldwide demand for scare resources and mitigate the rising food cost.
  • Go for this Eco-friendly way of producing sustainable fish and vegetables for your own consumption. Aquaponic works well for those with limited space too. Take action and start the journey!

  • Further notes:

    Aquaponic merges both systems and in doing so annuls out the undesirable characteristics of each other. Instead of adding unsafe chemicals to grow plants, it uses categorically nutritious fish waste matter that contains all the essential nutrients for optimum plant growth.

    Instead of discharging water, it uses the plants, media, and beneficial microbes in the system to clean and purify the water, and it's then returned to the fish tank ready for the next cycle.

    Aquaponic is basically a combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture. 

    It can fundamentally take care of itself once cycled and matured. It is a self-cleaning, self-regulating system with nominal maintenance needed.

    One of the attractiveness' of aquaponic is that it's totally scalable. The processes that work in a backyard sized technique also work with a fish tank and a pot. So you can have an aquaponic system in any space, and of any size. You are only restrained by your imagination.
    You just have to keep the balance between fish, bio-filter and plants.

    Aquaponic is altogether about natural, organic processes. What you're undertaking is nurturing a biological cycle. It's the identical kind of thing that occurs in streams and waterways, or in the fish tank at home. Using chemicals of any form tend to upset this balance, so it's not a good idea.

    Astonishingly, Aquaponic is a water pinchpenny. Any water not used by the plants returns to the tank containing the fish. It actually uses about 90-95% less water than a conventional dirt garden where the water can run off or seep past the root zone. The plants are never stressed by to little water or too much water, so they grow at up significantly faster....

    It's a practice hundreds years’ old, the Chinese used Koi or Carps in their rice fields. These fish kept bugs in check, and delivered fertilizer for the plants. However it's been “missing” to western culture for quite some time, and has only really begun to catch on in the past years. Modern science has a well-founded embrace on the biological processes involved, and hydroponic system is designed with these facts in mind.


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